15 Types of Video Marketing That Every Business Can Use in 2023

Videos are important for all businesses to think about. They are a way to share information and can be made without spending too much money. Video marketing is powerful and doesn’t cost a lot.

People watch a lot of videos online every day, around 100 minutes on average. That’s why 92% of marketers think videos are the most important part of their marketing strategy.

But using videos for marketing is new for many teams. There are different kinds of videos and words that might be confusing. It can be hard to choose the right videos for your business.

Here are some basic types of videos that can help you engage with people, share your message, and get more customers.

1. Explainer Videos

Do you want to show people how a product or service works or what your business does? That’s where an explainer video comes in! An explainer video is a special kind of video that explains things in a short and interesting way, usually lasting 1-3 minutes.

A good explainer video doesn’t just show you what something does, but also why it’s important. It tells you about the practical benefits of that product or service. That’s why explainer videos are great for marketing.

Animation is a popular way to make explainer videos. It can even explain complicated technologies and ideas clearly. Often, businesses put explainer videos on their website to explain their main product or service.

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2. Onboarding Video Content

The way we start new jobs is changing, and that means how we welcome new people is changing too. Instead of sending new employees a package of papers and information by mail, we can give them a special video to watch.

This video is called an onboarding video, and it’s a friendly and helpful way to introduce them to the company.

An onboarding video is made to make new employees feel like they belong and to give them important information for their first few days and weeks. It usually has a nice message to welcome them personally and tells them about the company and where it’s going.

Onboarding videos can give more benefits and are even more important now because many people work from home. This video helps them feel like they’re part of the company, even if they can’t go to a physical office and meet their co-workers in person.

3. Company Culture Video

Do you want people to know what your business is really like, beyond just the products or services you offer? That’s where a company culture video comes in. It’s a special video that shows the attitude and way of doing things that make up your business’s culture.

A company culture video can have different formats. It could introduce you to the people who work in the company or show a short and fun glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in your business, like on social media.

A company culture video can be used for different reasons. It can help with marketing, building a good atmosphere inside the company, or even attracting talented people to join your team. The most important thing about these videos is that they feel real and true to who you are.

4. Social Video Content Marketing

Social media networks are really good for sharing videos and marketing your business. You can easily put your videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

But it’s also very competitive. On social media, people are always scrolling through lots of posts really quickly. So, your video needs to be special and catch their attention.

Sometimes, a social media video uses content that already exists but makes it shorter, more interesting, and perfect for social media. If you find something that works, lots of people could see your video and like it.

5. Sales Video Presentations

Even though the technology is changing, a great sales pitch still has a lot of power. In the past, sales presentations would happen in special rooms or at big events. But now, with videos, you can share a pitch with people all around the world right away.

The video doesn’t have to be fancy. It can just show a salesperson talking about a product or service. They can give a quick overview or go into detail about all the cool things it can do. The video can be made just for the video or recorded from a presentation at an event.

If the presentation is long, you can make it easier for people to find what they want by adding tags or labels. This helps them jump to the part of the video they’re most interested in. Using videos like this is a simple and not expensive way to make the most of a sales pitch.

6. Video Voicemails

Making videos doesn’t have to be hard. You can use a video voicemail to talk to people and make a stronger connection. It’s like sending a special message just for them.

Usually, a video voicemail is short and casual. It can answer a question or tell them something important. It’s a nice and friendly way to get closer to your customers and show that your business is run by real people.

You can send video voicemails as links in emails. They might not be super fancy, but it’s still important to make sure they look and sound good.

7. Teaser Videos

Do you want to get people interested in a sales presentation, testimonial, or podcast through social media? The best way to do that is with a short teaser video. Its job is to catch attention and show people where to find the full content.

The teaser video can be fun, funny, exciting, or make people curious. It usually has a short part from the content it’s talking about, and it gives a reason for viewers to want to see more.

The best teaser videos match the style of the social media platform they’re on. What works on LinkedIn might not work on TikTok.

8. Features and Documentaries Marketing Videos

Most marketing content is made quickly and with limited money. That means if you make something that looks a little more special, it can have a big effect. It could be a feature or a documentary-style film that shows something important about your business.

You don’t need a huge Hollywood budget to do this—just a commitment to making something with more care and attention than usual. This kind of video is great for telling important stories, like inspiring stories about people’s lives and communities.

These films don’t have to do a lot of obvious marketing. They can be more subtle but still have a big impact. What’s important is telling an interesting story and making high-quality content that stands out from other things people see.

9. Product Video

When we buy things online, watching great product videos can help us decide if we want to buy them. These videos are special because they show the product or service in a really interesting way, more than just pictures or words can do.

Product videos don’t just show what the product looks like and what it can do. They also show how it works and why it’s better than other things. These videos are made with a lot of care to make the product look its best.

Product videos are often used in online stores to show what they’re selling. They’re short and simple, which makes them good for sharing on social media.

10. Promotional Video

These videos have a special purpose or a “call to action.” It means they want the viewer to do something, like buy a product, sign up for a service or newsletter, or support a petition. The main goal of a promotional video is to make that happen.

You can make a promotional video by simply talking to the camera and asking people to do something. Or, you can make it fancier with animations or a big production. The good thing about promotional videos is that you can measure how well they worked by looking at the results.

11. Testimonial Marketing Videos

When someone wants to buy something, they want to feel sure about it. A video testimonial can give them that reassurance. It shows them how someone else has benefited from the same product or service they’re thinking of buying.

The special thing about testimonial videos is that they’re simple and real. You can see the product being used in the real world and hear from someone who really liked it. It’s like when you see good reviews and ratings from other people.

Testimonial videos do two things. They advertise the product or service and show how happy the customer is. They are often linked to a page with more information or put on a website’s main page.

12. Internal Training Video Content

Instead of boring PowerPoint presentations or paper booklets, companies can use internal training videos to teach their employees. These videos can share information about new products or important rules for safety and following the rules.

Employees can watch these training videos online wherever they have an internet connection. This makes them good for both people who work in the office and those who work from home. The videos are more interesting and fun to watch than just looking at pictures.

In the videos, they can show how to use products or follow safety rules using animations and sequences. They can also make the videos funny or add some special things to make them more interesting and help people remember the information better.

13. Live Streams

You don’t always have to spend a lot of time making videos for marketing. Sometimes, the best way is to show what’s happening right now by live-streaming an event. It could be a Q&A where people ask questions to the team or show something new about a product or company.

When you live stream, people can see everything right away. You don’t have to spend time editing the video, but it also means you can’t control everything that happens.

If something goes wrong during the live stream, people will see it. But after it’s done, you can save the recording and use it to make better and more shareable clips later.

14. Podcast Video Production

Podcasts used to be mostly audio, but now video is also a big part of it. Podcasts are like long conversations about special topics, and you can see the people talking on camera.

Making a podcast is simple. All you need is a room, a microphone, and a camera. What makes it good is when it gives valuable information and knowledge to the viewers. When a business does podcasts, it helps people trust and like the brand.

You can share the whole video podcast, or you can use parts of it to make shorter videos that people can easily share. If you have interesting guests and talk about interesting things, your podcasts can become more and more popular over time.

15. Video Series

Creating a video series is a great way to show that you’re really good at something. It means you make a bunch of videos that explain a topic in detail. For example, you could show how a project goes from ideas to the final product. Or you could talk a lot about the different things that an industry deals with.

A video series lets you share a lot of information that goes deep into a subject. This helps people trust and like your brand. It’s important to plan the videos carefully so they make sense and keep people interested.

The way you make the videos will depend on what you’re talking about. You might do interviews with experts or talk to people who know a lot about the topic.

Conclusion on Types of Video Marketing

We’ve talked about different ways to make marketing videos, but the most important thing is to think about what you want to say and who you want to say it to. If you work with a good video marketing company, they can help you figure out the best way to do this.

It might be using one of the ways we talked about, or it could be a mix of different ways. The most important thing is to tell your story in the best way possible.

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